June 2, 2010

summer inspiration : photo ideas

While it's easy to remember to get snapshots of all the BIG moments in summer (vacations & holidays) - don't forget to bring your camera out to capture some of the everyday moments. Here's some ideas for recording the small details of the season.

(photo : Lisa Truesdell)

Outside :
*dirty feet
*grass stained jeans
*bottles of sunscreen
*skinned knees
*plants in your garden
*popsicle sticky hands and faces

(photo : Kelly Noel)

Water Fun :
*goggle-d faces
*kids wrapped up in towels
*running through the sprinkler spray
*sandy legs at the beach
*swimsuits hanging out to dry

(photo : Lisa Truesdell)

Out & About :
*your favorite flavor from the ice cream shop
*your teen's stomping grounds
*summer school or camp projects
*favorite booth at your farmer's market

(photo : Kelly Noel)

At the Park :
*favorite playground equipment
*picnic spots
*flying kites
*favorite walking / bike trail

(photo : Kelly Noel)

Friends :
*your child's usual playmates
*girl's night out
*bbq / picnic attendees
*your neighbors
*summer sports teammates, parents & coaches

(photo : Lisa Truesdell)

Inside :
*lazy mornings curled up on the couch
*stacks of books from the library
*favorite rainy day / too hot to go outside games
*sandals piled up by the front door
*packed up sports gear / beach bag / picnic basket

We can't wait to see the photos of YOUR summers - what details will you capture?

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coolkids said...

great post! I try to capture some of the ones you listed! Thanks!

flo said...

these are such great ideas lisa!

Michelle said...

I have some awesome photos of some of those topics you mentioned from last summer!! I can't wait to photo some more (and different ones) this summer. :)

Rachel said...

Ah! My son is wearing the exact same shorts from the first picture today. Adorable! I love the way that photo is cropped. Great idea. :)

Morfen said...

Thank you for great ideas - i just went out in the garden to take a picture of my daughters dirty and scratched legs with plaster. :D

Zarah said...

Oh! Fab! Thanks for the ideas! :D

Bekki said...

What wonderful ideas- THanks so much for inspiration!! Be Blessed!!