June 8, 2010

inspiration: backyard parties

Today is our last day of school and the kids are ready for our traditional "backyard parties". They love this time of year! (and of course, i love dressing things up... ;)) I went looking for some ideas and this is what i found:

from oncewed

from oncewed

I always find lots of inspiration on wedding websites/blogs (and the best part is most of them have step by step instructions on how to make these)... hope you enjoy them!


Denise said...

Waleska, they are gorgeous. Are you trying to turn me into Martha Stewart? :o)

kathleen said...

Love all of these, but I NEED to make the ones in the first picture!!! Wonder what kind of paper (?) they're made out of! Tfs!

kathleen said...

OOoo, found the how to!!!! just thought I'd share

Thanks again, Waleska! I'll be doing this for my daughter's birthday party : )

Linda Flens said...

These are great! I am getting married next year, and once wed is a great inspiration te me. Great to see their ideas here too!