June 22, 2010

SC + Ella

What do you get when you dare five designers to create four layouts with only eight supplies? You get inspired!

In Eight is Enough: Easy ways to stretch supplies and use leftovers, we teamed up with Ella Publishing for a little experiment. It's one thing to create stunning projects when you have a large, beautifully coordinated kit to work with. But it's quite another when you only have eight total supplies at your fingertips, and you've been challenged to stretch them as far as you can. Can it be done?

Absolutely! And the results will amaze you. 5 Studio Calico design team members: April Foster, Nicole Harper, Stephanie Howell, Kelly Noel, and Lisa Truesdell demonstrate just how far eight can take you. Check out our pages, then soak in the 54 tips, tricks, and techniques that will help you make the most of your supplies. Get ready to stretch!


Ursula Schneider said...

This looks very yummy

Jennifer Larson said...

Shopping list:

1. This book.
2. A new printer cartridge.
3. Diet Pepsi to drink while I enjoy reading this!

ale said...

love this!
=^ . ^=