June 28, 2010

More Inspiration from "Design Workshop"

If you haven't downloaded Lisa Dickinson's ebook Design Workshop, do it now! You can get it here. It's fabulous...full of awesome eye candy from Lisa of course AND full of great, practical, easy ways to step up your scrapping designs.

This month the DT decided to take inspiration from Lisa's book and incorporate it into one of our designs. I decided to follow her tip about using grids. I loved that she pointed out grids can be more than just rows and columns of blocks. Circles, hearts, stars... all grids! :) Here's my take on that idea.
Stephanie H. also drew inspiration from the grid idea, but her end result is totally different from mine. Love that!
Lisa drew on Lisa D's idea that sometimes you have to bend design "rules" to accomplish your end goal. Love Lisa's cluster of photos and how perfect that she got to use that Swing card!

Nicole H took inspiration from Lisa's tips on using patterned paper effectively. The end result is gorgeous!

Waleska's page also uses the patterned paper tips in the book. I would tell you what they are... but Lisa D does it way better in the book herself! ;)

Tina will be posting some last DT pages tomorrow. Night!


MichelleB said...

These pages are fabulous!

Lisa Dickinson said...

ooooh i love seeing how you all incorporated those tips into your own styles - these are all wonderful!