June 17, 2010

Bold Member Inspiration

Here are some layouts that caught my eye in the Studio Calico gallery. These members made some bold design decisions, and created some great layouts!

by Ursala

I really like her bold use of that huge feather.
Very brave, and it works!

by Margrethe

I love the bold contrasting colors in this layout.
The black and white, and red and aqua that Margrethe chose catch your eye immediately.

by JenniferSanborn

Jennifer also used color in a bold way.
I love how she chose a bright green and worked it through the whole layout.

by Penny

I love the bold titlework in this layout by Penny.
Having the title take up a large amount of room is one great way to make a statement.

by Elise

I love how Elise used a large interesting photo with her title printed right on it to pull you in.
Adding embellishments on top of photos is one of my favorite layout treatments!

by Marit

Another bold use of photos is to cut the focal point out of the background.
This retro treatment hearkens back to the early days of scrapbooking, but Marit makes it work!

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Kathy Martin said...

Fab and artsy pages!