June 4, 2010

granny's cupboard

Partly Sunny shipping notices are showing up in inboxes all over the globe - so I thought we'd give Granny's Cupboard a proper send off. There are so many gorgeous pages in the member gallery and I'm going to share a few with you today. While these pages aren't summer themed, you can use the colors, designs and page ideas as a jumping off point to get your summer photos scrapped.

(by Linda Sobolewski)

I love how Linda used the wave of the scalloped envelope as a guide for her titlework - this design would look beautiful with a series of beach pictures. I could also see photos from an ice cream shop on this page - those colors would be perfect!

(by rmoliverio)

I love this multi photo design - it would work well for recapping a week of your summer, or for an activity where you have more than one photo you want to feature. And the topic? Perfect. Summer isn't all sunny days and running through the sprinkler -go ahead and capture the "but mom, I'm booooooooooooooooooooored" and "but it's too HOT to play outside" moments. They might be frustrating now, but I promise you'll look back at them and laugh (at least, that's what I tell myself! ;)

(by Nora Griffin)

How gorgeous is that masked off tree on Nora's background? It's a perfect accent for her page about family, but when I saw it, it reminded me that I need to get some photos of my littlest guy hanging out in the shade with the other little kids at his big brothers' ball games. It's only natural to head for the shade to rest and recharge on hot days - those quiet moments would make a great photo opportunity.

(by astrid)

This page by Astrid just looks like a sunny day, doesn't it?? Her design is perfect to feature that one great summer photo you've been hoarding - the subtle circle created with the clear buttons really brings the focus to the photograph, and ties all of the main elements together.

(by allieh)

I love the simplicity of Allie's design - it really lets her photo shine. This would be a perfect way to scrap any detail shot of summer - dirty toes, scraped knees, popsicle covered faces, wrinkle-y fingers after being in the pool too long.

(by qingmei)

I love the side by side photos here, and how Geralyn uses photographs from the same place at different times. This would work well for a this summer / last summer page - I'd love to do one of my littlest then and now on the swing. It would also work well for first day / last day of school photos, or for showing growth in your garden.

(by reeni)
I adore how this page records a new summer tradition - it has me making a list of our usual summertime traditions so that I can get them onto pages. What sorts of things do you do in the summer that you don't do other times? My boys and I love to take advantage of the lunch specials at the pizza place on our corner - something we can't do during the school year.

There's still a couple days left to make a page for our summer challenge - I hope this has inspired you to get scrapping!


kathleen said...

Thanks so much for pointing these out, Lisa! I haven't had much time to cruise the gallery lately and haven't seen any of these gorgeous layouts, until now that is!!!!! Awesome work, ladies!!!!!

ToneF said...

So many gorgeous layouts!!! :o)

Anna Sigga said...

Love these layouts - lots of inspiration here!

Zarah said...

Beautiful work!!